PicsArt Review-Features, Subscription, Real User Experience

PicsArt is one of the most popular and comprehensive photo and video editing apps available for mobile devices. With over 500 million downloads, PicsArt packs professional-level editing tools into an easy-to-use interface.

In this in-depth PicsArt review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this versatile creative platform.

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PicsArt is free to download and use with optional subscriptions for access to additional features and content. At its core, it’s a photo and video editor that enables you to customize images from your camera roll or social feeds with effects, filters, text, stickers, and more.

Features of PicsArt:

Here are some features of Picart:

  • Editing tools – Crop, rotate, and adjust photos with curve tools, correction tools, and other advanced edits. Add text, stickers, frames, filters, effects, and more.
  • Drawing tools – Create custom images and edits using the built-in drawing tools and brushes. Layers enable you to apply edits non-destructively.
  • Collage maker – Choose from grid, freestyle, shaped, and Facebook cover layouts to easily create collages.
  • Camera tools – Shoot new photos and videos within the app and access editing tools.
  • Feed – Browse through a feed filled with original artwork and edits from the PicsArt creative community. Discover ideas and inspiration you can recreate.
  • 100s of fonts, templates, frames & stickers – Enhance your pics with a vast library of artistic assets, updated every week.
  • Stock image library (Premium) – Browse and use millions of royalty-free stock images without attributing or paying.
  • No crop/watermarks (Premium) – Export edits without PicsArt branding or restrictions. Remove ads with a Premium subscription.
  • Custom brush packs & styles (Premium) – Get exclusive access to professional brush packs and editor styles for bleeding edge designs.

PicsArt provides all the tools to unleash your creativity with images and video.

Real User Experience

My friend has been using PicsArt for years to edit photos for Instagram and her blog. As an amateur photographer. She loves having access to so many professional editing tools with an easy learning curve. The sticker packs and fonts make adding a unique personal touch simple for her. She opted for a Premium subscription so she can use more stock photos and remove watermarks. For $8 per month, she feels she has access to everything she needs for her photography and graphic design projects.

Editing Features & Capabilities

Here are Picart editing features:

1. Tools

PicsArt’s toolbar puts professional-level editing controls right at your fingertips. Adjustment tools allow you to fine-tune the look of your images:

  • Crop & Transform – Crop, rotate, flip, and resize photos and videos.
  • Adjustments – Tweak vibrancy, contrast, brightness, and more.
  • Curves & Color – Fine-tune hues, saturation, and tones for targeted edits.
  • Correction – Remove red eyes, blemishes, and other unwanted elements.
  • Retouch – Smooth skin, whiten teeth, and refine selfies.
  • Effects – Apply enhancements like vintage, HDR, retro & film styles.

And that’s just the start. Effects like Lomo, vintage, HDR, and more enable you to change the entire style and tone of images with one click. Blemish removal, skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and other touch-up effects make selfies magazine cover worthy. Curves and advanced color controls provide fine-grained results for impactful changes.

When it comes to transforming your mobile camera footage into true video masterpieces, PicsArt delivers once again with pro-level tools integrated directly into the editor:

  • Trim & split video clips
  • Add background music and sounds
  • Customize speed and direction
  • Append multiple segments
  • Include transitions like fade & wipe
  • Overlay text captions
  • Apply video filters & effects
  • Export shareable MP4 files up to one minute long

PicsArt strives to provide all the functionality you need for nearly any visual project – without having to open multiple apps.

2. Content & Assets

PicsArt truly stands in a league of its own when it comes to the sheer volume and variety of creative assets available. With hundreds of fonts, text styles, stickers, overlays, drawing tools, and more.

Trendy & Timely Fonts

  • Over 100 new font options are added every month
  • Many are exclusive to PicsArt
  • Special event & holiday styles keep your edits timely

Weekly Sticker & Overlay Packs

  • Animated & still options
  • Categorized selection: holidays, weddings, nature, fashion, seasonal & more

Customizable Brush Packs

  • Prest featured packs for drawings and image overlays
  • Create custom brushes from your photos
  • Use layers to enable non-destructive edits

Filters, Tools & Effects

  • Completely transform the look, style, and tone of images
  • Hundreds of enhancing filters and one-click effects
  • Professional adjustment tools for targeted tweaks

With new assets landing regularly and an already extensive library, the creative possibilities are truly endless within PicsArt. Tweak community images or craft entirely original designs from scratch. The content provided here encompasses what you’ll find in any other mobile editing app.


In addition to versatile editing, PicsArt enables you to easily combine multiple photos into pro-quality collages – excellent for grouping related images like special events, memories, products, ideation, and more.

Layout Options

  • Grids (squared, circular)
  • Freestyle
  • Facebook Covers
  • Instagram Sizes
  • Holiday & Event Templates

Fully customize backgrounds, spacing, rounding, and more. Apply text overlays plus use all editing tools on separate images within the collage.

Built-In Camera & Video Recorder

Skipping the camera app you can capture new photos and videos directly within PicsArt as well. While more basic than your default camera. Integrated shooting enables you to apply edits immediately after snapping. Useful for situations where you need quick mockups or want to experiment with graphics applied during capture vs post-processing.

Social Community

Expanding beyond your personal pics and video clips, PicsArt connects you with a thriving community of over 150 million monthly active creators. Scroll through an endless feed of images uploaded by users worldwide. Like Instagram, you can hear, comment on, and share photos you love.

  • Scroll the social feed of images
  • Browse trending edits & effects
  • Participate in challenges
  • Share creations and engage with other creators

The community tab spotlights inspiring artwork and provides fun challenges with exposure and rewards for participation.

Importing, Saving & Sharing Creations

PicsArt simplifies accessing images saved across your device and social profiles for editing. It also makes sharing creations a breeze.

Import Sources

  • Camera Roll
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Photos

Apply your editing magic to favorite pics and viral social media images.

Share Destinations

  • Camera Roll
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • PicsArt Cloud

Save edits back to your camera roll or share directly to top social platforms – no switching apps required. The PicsArt Cloud also enables access to creations across mobile and desktop.

With easy imports and one-click exports to leading services, PicsArt streamlines end-to-end creative workflows. Access, customize, and share content from one continually improving suite.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pixart


  • Free to use with a great free tier
  • Extensive editing tools for photos & video
  • Hundreds of fonts, overlays, effects & filters
  • Excellent collage capabilities
  • Built-in drawing tools & social community
  • Easy to import, create & share content
  • Available as a mobile and desktop app
  • Optional Premium tier unlocks more capabilities


  • Can take time to learn full breadth of features
  • Must view some ads in the free version
  • Premium subscription is required for certain tools
  • Advanced features like layers of more complex
  • Importing from external cloud requires a premium
  • Maximum video export length capped
  • Provides access to all user data for monetization

Pricing & Premium Subscription

PicsArt offers an extremely free tier enabling access to all core editing features without watermarks or mandatory ads. A Premium subscription ($8-12/month) unlocks additional assets and capabilities:

Stock ImagesLimited100M+ royalty-free images
AdsYesNo ads
Templates & AssetsLimitedMore options
Exclusive ToolsNoYes
WatermarkYesNo watermark
Bulk DownloadNoYes

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